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Rotary Actuator RoHS Compliant


Type HR200 HR400-□ HR600-□
Rotating angle 90° 90° 180° 90° 180°
Actuating method Double acting type (rack & pinion method)
Fluid medium Compressed air (oil free)
Operating pressure range 0.3~0.8MPa
Operating temp. range 5~60ºC
Effective torque 2Nm 6Nm 9.5Nm
Angle adjusting range 0 ~ +5°
Cushion Air cushion
Cylinder sectional area 6.9cm2 12.9cm2 19.6cm2
Cylinder stroke 1.4cm 2.2cm 4.2cm 2.3cm 4.3cm
Shaft dia. (pinion shaft type) 10mm 15mm 17mm
Max. radial load 26.46N征服冰冻美母小说征服冰冻美母小说,正常人上下半身比例正常人上下半身比例,正在播放成熟的身体高清正在播放成熟的身体高清 45.08N 64.68N
Max. thrust load 26.46N 26.46N 56.84N
Max. kinetic energy 0.01N・m 0.015N・m 0.02N・m

Applicable size

■Thread size

Metric internal thread M5x0.8
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The Rotary Actuator features an ultra-thin size and high power on account of the use of an elliptic cylinder.

  • Backlash is eliminated. Angle fine adjustment, air cushion adjustment and rack pinion adjustment functions are equipped.
  • System control is possible by attachment of a magnetic sensor (option).
  • The flat bottom is very convenient for your own layout.
  • Coming in the rotary disk type, this actuator displays the great advantage of ultra-thinness.

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